Why Cyprus

The absolute Mediterranean living

Temperate weather all year long

Rich and vibrant culture

Cyprus lives up to the visitor’s expectations for being one of the most popular tourist destinations; blessed with warm and sunny weather year round and amazing landscape; displaying stunning coastline patterns with golden sandy beaches; famed for its thousands of years of continuous history from ancient times.

The true highlight that makes every travel experience special always proves to be the people you meet. Indulge in the Mediterranean way of living and interact with friendly and hospitable locals who will greet you wearing a big smile and make you feel welcomed every time; also discover the wonders of local gastronomy and treat yourself to local delicacies. Prominent among them you will find local style coffee and homemade sweets, also Sheftalia, Halloumi cheese, meat meze with sliced lountza, and of course do not miss out on the opportunity to experience first-hand one of the world’s oldest wine producing regions and sample the local variety of grapes produce. Still, just wander around and uncover traditional markets and other hidden treasures in every city you visit.

Cyprus, the mythological birthplace of goddess Aphrodite, constitutes a cosmopolitan crossroad, though geographically situated in Asia, evidently affiliated with Europe, offering travelers an exceptional opportunity to explore the rich history of this unique destination.

There are plenty more incentives to entice the savvy traveler, apart from its Mediterranean cuisine and temperate climate, such as the ease of access allowing plenty of ways to arrive; the natural beauty of the island resembles none other whether visitors opt to check out the salt lakes, the Alsos Forest, the famous Caledonia Falls or the magnificent sea caves in popular Ayia Napa.

The rich and vibrant culture of the island is appealing to an extended range of preferences, stretching from sporting activities like running, cycling hiking, boxing, kitesurf, diving or Aquathon to sophisticated sightseeing featuring numerous important archaeological finds like the Tombs of the Kings, monasteries and museums, which will undoubtedly make an afternoon trip well worth your while, to numerous nightlife options ranging from dining to clubbing, will definitely keep you on your feet and content.