Located in Cyprus, at the crossroad from east to west, we established a portfolio of a great variety of services addressing a large scale of different levels of financial capacity. We cover a diverse array of activities, events and industries, structured around two business divisions: Sports Travel and Event Organization and Management.

Sports Travel

As long as a sport is your primary reason for travelling to Greece and Cyprus, we maintain an exhaustive list of upcoming events to keep you constantly up-to-date. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer you customized sports travel packages to meet your schedule and budget. Whether you are a sports lover, an avid fan or a savvy traveler take your pick; Sports Traveler 76 has put together a network of professionals at your disposal to help you select, organize and address your sporting and travel needs, offering premium services ranging from affordable costs to lavish packages.

Event Organization and Management

Sports Traveler 76 also specializes in Event Organization and Management for individuals, groups, and/or organizations. For your needs to be properly conceived and your event flawlessly executed, we are well equipped, boasting a network of preferred vendors and business associates, industry connections and our know-how to deliver full scope solutions and custom-made strategic planning, operations and services to guarantee the success of any kind and scale of event or project.


How to promote my event

At Sports Traveler 76 we are committed to help you track, develop and explore new trends and opportunities in the media industry and delivery of information through a wide range of offerings built on diversified full-fledged services. Our business model reflects our philosophy of delivering innovative and robust results, while making sure we are providing value adding services and safeguarding our partners’ and stakeholders’ financial well-being.

How to organize my event

Regardless of the nature and complexity of the event, we constantly strive for excellence in every project we undertake. Our client-centric approach is tailored around carefully programmed variety of event creation, strategic direction and planning to detailed implementation and execution. Sports Traveler 76 services include among others, concept and research, venue and scheduling, budgeting and funding, branding and marketing, sourcing and recruitment, operations and logistics, contingency and risk, implementation and evaluation.



Consulting services

At Sports Traveler 76 we offer premium-quality of scalable dynamic consulting solutions to enable and empower our client partners align their business goals to sound business strategies defined by measurable and concrete outcomes. With our 20 years of vast experience in top-class events worldwide, we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of customized advisory and consulting services including but not limited to end-to-end event creation, planning and implementation, concept and content development, budgeting and staffing, branding and identity, communication and promotion, media and broadcast operations, sponsorship and marketing, logistics, event analysis and post-event reporting.