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3rd Veikou Trail 20 January 2019

Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately this event has ended.




Date Start

Sun 20 January 2019

Date Finish

Sun 20 January 2019


Municipal Stadium of Galatsi, in Veikou Grove (Alsos Veikou)


Municipal Stadium of Galatsi, in Veikou Grove (Alsos Veikou)
3rd Veikou Trail

Sportevent is co-organizing a running race with the municipality of Galatsi on Sunday January 20, 2019, under the name "3rd Veikou Trail", as the third year continuation of a mountainous running race that is being held inside and around the hill of Veikou Grove (Alsos Veikou) in Galatsi.

The running races will be held according to the following terms:

1.Race Date
Sunday January 20, 2019

2.Start – Finish Municipal Stadium of Galatsi, in Veikou Grove (Alsos Veikou)

3.Distances of Races
- Trail Race (mainly dirt) 10 km
- Trail Race (mainly dirt) 5 km
- Nordic Walking (mainly dirt) 5 km
- Kids Race 1 km for High School children (all Grades)
- Kids Race 600 m for Elementary School children (4th-6th Grade)
- Kids Race 300 m for Elementary School children (1st-3rd Grade)

4.Starting times
- Trail 10 km: 10:00 am
- Trail 5 km: 10:05 am
- Nordic Walking 5 km: 10:10 am
- Kids Race 1 km: 09:30 am
- Kids Race 600 m: 09:35 am
- Kids Race 300 m: 09:40 am

5.Route description
Starting and Finishing point for the dirt routes of the Trail is the running track inside Veikou Grove (Alsos Veikou). Runners will compete mainly inside and around the hill reaching its top.
- The 10 km Trail Race will be completed in two (2) laps.
- The 5 km Trail Race will be completed in one (1) lap.
- The 5 km Nordic Walking will be completed in one (1) lap.
- The kids’ races will be held inside the municipal stadium of Galatsi, inside Veikou Grove (Alsos Veikou).

6.Participation eligibiity
Eligible to compete is anyone over the age of 18. Parental consent is required for anyone under the age of 18 in the form of a SOLEMN DECLARATION

- Cups will be awarded to the first three of each category (Men – Women) for the 5 and 10 km Trails.
- All participants will be awarded medals.
- Participation diploma for all runners.
The participation diploma containing name and time achieved can be obtained electronically at www.veikoutrail.gr

 Veikou Trail Video

8.Participation limit - Registration
Maximum participation for this year’s race is set at 1.000 runners.
  • The citizens of Galatsi are kindly requested to register via  www.veikoutrail.gr  for free.
Please note that there will be no registration on the day of the race.

9.Registration types
- Individual registration: for individuals.
- Group registration: for five (5) or more people.

Group registrations are addressed to sports clubs, runners' clubs, gyms, companies, private and public organizations, and simple groups of people who wish to participate as a group. During the group registration a Team Leader is designated, who represents the group on various issues with the organizers.

10.Health Coverage
In any case, all competitors participate at their own risk.

The organizers will assume no responsibility for any HEALTH related incidents due to lack of preventive medical check-ups.

Medical coverage will be provided for the race with an ambulance present as well as primary care.

It is highly recommended that all runners have recently been cleared for participation following a medical examination. The event organizers will not request medical certificates, since all participants compete at their own risk.

11.Water supply stations
There will be two bottled water supply stations along the 3rd Veikou Trail.

In the adults race there will be electronic timing with checkpoint at start / finish. The runners will carry the electronic timing chip (single use) along with their number.

13.Number – participation pack pick up spots
Numbers and participation packs are collected personally by registered runners exclusively from:
  •  Galatsi Olympic Hall - Veikou Avenue 137, Galatsi
  •  Friday 18/01: 17:00 - 20:00
  •  Saturday 19/01: 10:00 - 20:00

  • For more information contact: Email: info@veikoutrail.gr

3rd Veikou Trail 20 January 2019

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