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8th Trail Run Half Marathon Skiathos 22 september 2019

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Date Start

Sun 22 September 2019

Date Finish

Sun 22 September 2019


Old Port in front of the Bourtzi


8th Trail Run Half Marathon 22 September 2019

Skiathos Mountain Bikes in cooperation with the Municipality of Skiathos organize with the support of Sponsors the 8th Trail Run Half Marathon (21km) titled «Follow Alexandros Papadiamantis» on Sunday September 22nd 2019 in Skiathos Island. At the same time with the Half Marathon there another race of 10km will be held as well with a route that goes through Skiathos Town Monuments and Culture.

Our little friends will also run in 2 routes of 500m and 1000m

The race this year has been upgraded and the preparations are going as planned. We anticipate a big participation of athletes from Greece and Abroad. The organization will be very impressive and all athletes and visitors will be very impressed by the beauty of Skiathos Island for as long as they choose to stay on the island.

(for more information, please Visit Skiathos )

Trail Run Half Marathon 21km

The route of 21.5 km in the lush Skiathos passes by beautiful forests and important historical monuments. Running these paths athletes dive into the stories of Alexandros Papadiamantis which uniquely celebrate the natural beauty of this island. The start of the race will be at the Old Port in front of the Bourtzi at 09:30. The first 2 km. pass through the graphics carble stone streets to “Plakes” and the “Shell” (Papadiamantis) and from there continue to the historic cemetery of Skiathos. Then it goes towards the Syfiri beach and passes from Megali Ammos beach for a nice warm up by the sea. At this point it begins a difficult ascent of 300 meters in the steep path leading to the chapel of Ag.Antonios (1st Station – Isotonic, Water) and from there running on the paths we reach the Monastery of Panagia Kehria (2nd station – Water, Isotonic, Banana) where athleres refresh by the natural spring water and the isotonic drinks of the second station. The journey continues through the majestic stream of Kehria and climbs to the Castle and Kardasi Virgin Church (3rd station – Water, Isotonic Gel). The ascent continues passing by Panagia Doman, a small chapel in the forest, and ends at the highest point of the route (Stivoto – 4th Station – Water, Isotonic Gel). From there begins the descent to the Monastery of Evangelistria (5th station). and continues to the end at Bourtzi at the Old Port of Skiathos. The routes consists of trail 75%, gravel 15% and 10% asphalt.

10km Run Race

The 10km race will start at 09:45 a.m. at Bourtzi some time after the 21 km Half Marathon. It rises to “Plakes” and “Mnimouria” (cemetery). The course is different through the cobbled streets of the old town and will pass by the Cathedral of the Three Hierarchs, the Home -Museum of Alexandros Papadiamantis and will go up to Agios Nikolaos panoramic views. From there begins a downhill course that takes you out of town in the olive groves that surround it and passing through the airport, the run continues around the lake of St. George, the modern shipyards and ends up back at Bourtzi for the finish line.


Kids Running

Just before the first athletes reach the finish line for the Half Marathon, a kids running race will start at Skiathos Old Port.

Prepubertal - Teenage Running

The last Race of the day with a route that starts at Bourtzi and passes through Skiathos Old Town making a circular course by the Town and finishes back at Bourtzi. All kids will receive diplomas and the winners will also receive medals.


For the Semi-marathon, the 4 hours are defined as a limit. Anyone who is out of time or wishes not to continue the race will board the cars of the event, otherwise they will continue on their own responsibility having delivered the entry number. For the 10 km race, the limit is 2 hours.

Kilometric count: will occur at regular intervals


Athletes, as well as guardians of minors who run the race, must confirm at the sign-up link that they accept the terms of the notice.

In any case, all contestants participate exclusively under their own responsibility and the organizers bear no responsibility for any health problems that may arise during the race. Participants must have undergone a medical examination and cardiac check-up.


The event will take over the free of charge photography and videotaping of the runs. The material will be posted on the club’s website and on sites, while contestants accept that they waive any claim to rights for the material that includes their images.

Registrations for minors must be made exclusively by their guardian.

The regulations of the official IAAF matches are in place.

8th Trail Run Half Marathon Skiathos 22 september 2019

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