Some Good Reasons To Choose Sports Traveler 76

We are a unique and extensive source of reference for groups and individuals who seek to actively participate in a sporting event taking place all over Greece and Cyprus. Committed to making your sporting experience exceptional, we focus on providing the unrivalled choice you can rely on now and in the future.

We register

Our custom-made system can officiate any kind of sport. We have hundreds of different fields and if there is one that we haven’t think off, we can just make it. Our system delivers every registration directly to you on real time and at the closing date you get all the data in any kind of format.

We provide

Options can include any kind of facilitation for your sport event. For example, users can rent special equipment or services by the organizer. Also, we give you for FREE printable A5 version for your Accreditation, provided automatically while the user registers. Furthermore, we provide you with more benefits if you use us as your only online registration system.

We travel

We have a system to accommodate HOTELS and PACKAGES. Also, we can promote your official hotel with special prices or host their online system directly on your event page. We are working on evolving our system daily, in order to provide more options on TRAVEL, like airfare, car rental, etc.

We participate

We can discuss under a big spectrum, ways to collaborate. We organize our own sport events, we are co-organizers in others and for some we are sponsors. At Sports Traveler 76, we experience our offered services from A to Z to be as candid and fair as possible.