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9th Xerolivado Trail Run 14km

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Date Start

Sun 14 July 2019

Date Finish

Sun 14 July 2019





#ST76, introduces the 9th Xerolivado Trail Run for an amazing getaway to Veria. Veria was the second most significant town, after Aigai, during the blooming ancient Macedonian years. The city is built on the foothills of Mt. Vermion and crossed by the River Tripotamo. From the 11th to the 14th century it was the third most important city of the Byzantine Empire, after Constantinople (Istanbul) and Thessaloniki. The impressively large number of Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches gave the city the nickname “Little Jerusalem”. Today, 48 Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches are preserved in the city centre. Follow our footsteps and discover this magnificent historic, yet modern city.

For more information please visit:http://www.visitgreece.gr/en/main_cities/veria

The 9th Xerolivado Trail Run is organized by the OKA VIKELAS and EAS SEGAS Central Macedonia with the Racing Club of Veria and the Athletic Section of the Municipality of Veria. The vent is supported by the co-ownership cooperative Xirolivadou, P.Ο.Χ. (Xerivodoudos Cultural Club), LEMOB, the Cultural Association of Makrohori "DIFFITO", the Motors SportsTeam (Riverenduro) and ERVAN.

Contrary to its name (Xerolivado in Greek means dried pasture) Xerolivado is a green pasture situated at an altitude of 1230 meters surrounded by perennial pine and beech trees, in the mountain of Vermio, 18 kilometers far from Veria. Set off from Veria, follow the road to mount Seli and on the 9th km turn left for Xerolivado.

Course Description: The race is 14 kilometres long crossing through beautiful forest scenery, with minor inclination fluctuations making this race considered to be the easiest and fastest trail run in Greece.
There will be individual online timing for all participants.
Aside from the running part, Xerolivado Trail Run offers free camping in a beautiful area surrounded by perennial pine trees. This area is ideal for those who would like to strengthen ties among runners and perhaps their families. In the camping area water is available within a distance of 100m.

Food is not provided. The organizing committee will only offer "trahana" on Sunday morning, 14th of July at 6:30 a.m. The organizing committee will also provide, after finishing to all runners, a light meal of roasted meat. It is understood that the rest are taken over by everyone on their own, like their food and water. Campers can also choose among a variety of outdoor activities, such horseback riding, walking in the forest, or riding bicycles. Please keep in mind mind that temperature during the night drops 8-10 degrees lower.
The camp is not mandatory and there are lodgings within a radius of 8-12 kilometers, enough to accommodate some who will come from far. Suggested accommodation in relation to the distance from the village of Xiroliados:
Doucata in the village of Xerolivado, tel: +306978181922
Kapsalis just 8 kilometres from Xerolivado, tel: +302331044421
Lozitsi, at the Veria – Seli junction, a distance of 12 kilometres from Xerolivado, tel: +302331022327

Saturday July 13, 2019
12:00 camp preparation (12:00 to 22:00)
18:00 to 20:00 bib numbers collection (from the kiosk of the playground of Xerolivado)
Sunday 14 July 2019
07:00 to 08:30 bib numbers collection
09:00 Start of "1500m kids lake run"
09:15 Start 14 km mountain Trail Run
11:15 Light meal-barbeque for all athletes
11:30 Award ceremony

Date of Trail Run: Sunday, July 14, 2019
Start time 9: 15am from the central park of the village
Entries: Maximum number of participants is 600 runners. The registration must be made by Monday 8 July by clicking on the Registration Form online link and filling in all the details of the online form.
Participation fee. The cost for participation is 5 euros. In case of cancellation please contact the club's e-mail: syldrover@gmail.com.
Limited number of last minute entries (race day registrations) will be accepted if the number of 600 runners is not exceeded, but please do not leave this for the last possible moment.
Entries to participate in the race for young children will take place on Saturday between 18:00 and 20:00 from the Xirolivados Park Pavilion and Sunday 14 July to 45 minutes before starting from the same place, signing the parents' affirmation that allow their child to participate in the race and has been recently examined by a doctor.

ATTENTION: Runners participate with their own EXCLUSIVE RESPONSIBILITY and should have been examined by a physician prior to their participation due to the particularity of the race. No medical attestations will be required for any athlete, since all participants are at their own sole responsibility and minors under the responsibility of their guardians. Participants sign "check" on their electronic registration the responsible statement that they have been recently examined by a doctor.

Medical care will be available at the finish line and along the route of the race, as well. Private clinic Evaggelismos ambulances will be present at the finish line area as well as on route.

Water will be available on the 5th km, bottled water and isotonic beverages on the 10th km, whereas all athletes can quench their thirst at the tap nearby the finish line.
Power stations will also be control points.
Athletes are obliged to have their number in a prominent place so that the judges can record them. In the case that an athlete carries the number under clothes, he or she must arrive at the control station to show his number. Declining the number means exclusion.

The first 3 men and the first 3 women of the general rank will be given a special hand crafted prize, along with the winners of the following categories, which are based on the age categories of IAAF::
Men: 18-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55+
Women: 18-34, 35-44, 45+
The winners of the general rank are not included in these categories.
All the athletes crossing the finish line will receive a remembrance medal.
The winner of the race will be awarded with 150 €.
Bib numbers collection: Bib numbers collection will take place on Saturday July 13, at Xerolivado park kiosk, between the hours of 6 to 8 pm and on Sunday July 14 until 45 minutes before the start of the race at the same location.
On the back of the bibs there will be printed a form of medical information where they will include details of emergency contacts, medication or any medical advice.
Instructions will be given before the race that will ask all runners to fill in the form above to return part of their number.

The results of the trail will be announced immediately after the finish of each runner on the website of the event and the ranking of the athletes will be based on the performance recorded with the guntime and not with the transit performance from the nettime line.
Participant runners should be particularly careful in their movement on the challenging points of the route and must respect their other athletes, not interfere with each other, allow faster runners to overtake them, and generally not obstruct smooth running of the race. Supervision - surveillance of the course of the match will be through special security, search and rescue teams, and medical assistance. Security staff and judges will be able to instruct athletes to change direction for safety reasons or to interrupt the effort if the doctor thinks that an athlete is at risk. Denial of compliance will mean exclusion from the race. In the event of an emergency and following a recommendation by the doctors of the race, an emergency vehicle will intervene along the route in order to collect and dispose of it. In the event of injury to an athlete, the staff of the event, as well as the Volunteers - Rescuers covering the route, should be notified immediately by the athletes who will be aware of such an incident. Finally, participating athletes are not allowed to use portable audio (MP3, etc.) in order to be able to perceive situations of danger (falling of rocks, falling of the participants, calling to help, etc.), especially if the weather conditions the day of the race is difficult (intense rainfall etc.). It is not allowed to use walking sticks from athletes and external assistance or escort to athletes. If necessary (extremely hazardous weather conditions), it will be possible to modify the route or even postpone for a short time the start, or even cancel or even stop the race, in order not to endanger the physical integrity of the participants. There will be a process of collecting runners leaving the race.

Alongside the 14,000m, a 1,500m road will be held for students up to 15 years of age (born in 2004)
Race 1,500m for students up to 15 years of age (round the lake - bar)
Sunday 09:00 (no land slopes completely level in grass)
They will be awarded medals:
• the first 3 and first: up to 3rd Primary school
• the first 3 and first: from D to F primary school
• the first 3 and first: from 1st to 3rd Gymnasium

Technical coordinator of the match is the Federated coach of Athletics Kelepouris Nikos (+30 6973534440) and OKA coach Vikelas Karayiannis Giannis (+30 6972240184).

For more information, contact the organizing committee members at the following telephone numbers:
Kelepouris Nikos +30 6973534440
Koutesteos Antonis +30 6976000302
Karagiannis Ioannis +30 6972240184
Tsiaras Vasilis +30 6977252606


9th Xerolivado Trail Run 14km

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