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Tyros Triathlon 22 September 2019

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Date Start

Sun 22 September 2019

Date Finish

Sun 22 September 2019


Port of Tyros

title #ST76 introduces the “TYROS TRIATHLON”. The race is organized by “axoranamou”, the Peloponnese Region and the Municipality of South Kynouria. The event is taking place at Tyros. Tyros, is an amazing location, built on the slopes of Parnonas and on the beach in a beautiful and green mountainous landscape, and it constitutes a remarkable holiday center in Arcadia. It is 75km from Tripoli, 21km from Astros and 200km from Athens. It includes three settlements, Ano Tyros, a mountain settlement built on the slopes of Parnon, Kato Tyro, a bit lower, and Tyros Beach, the seaside settlement that has grown significantly in recent years.

1. About the race

The race will be held in Tyro Arcadia on Sunday, September 22, 2019, starting at 9:00 am.

2. Race program

Triathlon belongs to the sprint category and includes athletes, individual and group (2-3 athletes).


Swimming 750 meters / Bicycle 20 km / Run 5 km

Location: Port of Tyros

The race will begin with the swimming (750m) in the crystal-clear waters of Tyros with the support of supporting boats. Then, 20km of bike starting from Tyros Port and 10km to Astros, with a reversal of Kryoneri and returning from the same route.

Bike Race Features: Traffic Controlled Vehicle Trail (Police - Private Guard Service). The route is characterized by mild altitudinal differences and most of it has asphalt field.

Triathlon completes the running race (5 km) on a flat track along the Tyros beach in asphalt field, on a traffic-controlled route (Police - Private Guard Service).

The match includes electronic timing.

For cycling, the rules of the Hellenic Cycling Federation apply to the conduct of the race and the equipment of the participating athletes.

In the Bike Park area there will be bike support service from a well-known company. More information on General Matters.

3. Categories

For the participants of the Race, the following categories will apply to men and women

1. up to 21

2. 22-30


4. 41-50

5. 51-60

6. 60+

The first 3 men and first 3 women in the General Ranking will be awarded as well as the top three in each age category for men and women. For a category to apply, it must have at least 3 entries, otherwise it is integrated into the previous (lower) category.

The finalists of the General Rankings will be awarded with Cups and the other two with medals. The winners in the General Ranking are not excluded from the Age category.

4. The triathlon pack includes:

Number with bib, cap, t-shirt fight, sponsor products, athlete privilege card, newsletter, energy gel, isotonic.

Entries will close on Wednesday 18 September.

If the race is canceled, the participation fee will be refunded in full within 30 days. If the event will be postponed, the entry fee will not be refunded.

A small number of entries will be made on site starting the day before the race and up to one hour before the start. Under no circumstances can we secure last minute entries for technical reasons.


The swim race will be a 750m long left-circle race.

The start and finish of swimming will be from the same spot on the beach in the center of the village, right in front of the bike park.


Cycling will be from Tyros to Kryoneri where there will be a turn to return at the starting point.

The total distance is approximately 21 km and the total positive altitude difference is 277 m.

NOTICE: The route will be open to cars and, although there will be oversight by authorities and volunteers, you should be very careful.

You should watch at the beginning of the bicycle leg not to press on the hill at the exit of the village as your body will not adapt to the change from swimming. This slope has a duration of 800m and a 40m positive altitude difference.

Then at 1.8 km of the route you will find an ascent of 70m. ending in as soon as you reach 2.5 km. Then until the turn, you will face continuous small uphill and downhills.

The return from Kryoneri continues under the same pattern until you reach the Zaritsi camping site. There you will find the largest steep uphill that is continuous for 2.5 km and the altitude difference is 95m.

With the end of this uphill you end up with the ride of cycling, as there are 2-3 easy kilometers left.


The total running distance is 5 km and will be entirely parallel to the beach of the village.

You will run a total of 4 times along the coastal road until you finish reaching the starting point.

The route is completely flat and beautiful.

Usually after 11 am there is cool air that will make it easier for athletes. Even if the temperature during the running is enough, you will be able to cool off as you pass 4 times from the water station. In case of high temperature there will be showers during the race.


FACILITIES: The benefits that cover the basic cost of participation are the following:

for all athletes:

• race number (bib),

• Water / power supply to the race,

• Medical Support,

• electronic timing.

• Commemorative t-shirt of the match

• Isotonic, liquid-filled gel replacement

• For the finishers, commemorative medal

• Bike Park will have bicycle service from Sellis Bikes.


The course of the race has temporary signance which is placed before the race so that the route is as clear as possible and it is communicated in the briefing before the race.


The time limits, if any, are common to all categories of athletes, regardless of gender and age, and are known to the athletes before the race. After completing the time indicated, stations continue to record athletes but as overdue, and athletes arriving there have an obligation to hand over their number. Athletes who wish to finish the race after the time limit, are disqualified and they continue under their own sole responsibility and at the results they will be referred as "abandoned". The race is complete within the time limits and this applies to all athletes.

The final ranking of the race is provided by electronic timing and is not in dispute. Under no circumstances and for any reason, double medals are given to athletes who finish together (hand-in-hand).

SPORTS NUMBER: Each athlete must wear the bib number on a visible spot as the organizers will indicate.

The number must remain throughout the race without being folded, or cut, thus hiding any item on the number (sponsors, logos, etc.). Substantial alteration of the number, which may confuse judges, is punishable by exclusion. Loss of number is punishable by exclusion.

The receipt of the match number of each athlete is only made by him / herself, by the race secretariat and only by displaying a police ID or other public document. If the athlete or the athlete wishes to receive a third party's number, he / she must grant this person a validated authorization to receive it.

EXTERNAL HELP: Any external assistance, artificial athletic assistance to each other, and the use of any motorized accessory are prohibited. The use of map, compass, GPS, mobile phone is permitted. Any outside assistance to athletes from anyone at the power stations is allowed. Athletes may be escorted by persons who do not have a race number provided they do not assist the athlete or prevent other athletes. If any aid is denied to the athlete, the athlete is punished with exclusion.

ENVIROMENTAL SCOPE: It is strictly forbidden to dispose all kinds of objects along the route, such as plastic bottles or any other solid or liquid food packaging material consumed by athletes during the race.

At each support station is a special plastic waste bag, as well as at specific points (ECO PLACE)

All athletes are required to throw their litter into the bag. Disposal of packaging materials or other non-organic waste at any point in the route

beyond the pre-set, will result in an addition penalty of 10 minutes in the final time up to exclusion.

WATER SUPPLIES / POWER SUPPLY: The event takes care of the athletes, supporting them at many intermediate points of the race, according to the sketches. Every athlete is obliged, according to his needs, to transport the necessary food and water to ensure the completion of the race.

Tyros Triathlon Video


All athletes are responsible for their fitness and must be examined by a physician prior to the race to determine their ability to participate in a race with requirements for swimming, bicycling and running.

They must be insured in case of accident during their participation.

Participants are aware of the potential risk of bodily harm or damage to their equipment from their participation in races in a mountainous environment and their consequences.

The organizer is not responsible for the death, injury or any damage to the health of the participants, who submit the application for participation declare that they are aware of the risks involved in cycling on a traffic road, have the relevant experience, are insured in the event of an accident during their participation and that their state of health is good and allows them to fight.

By signing up for the race, they will in no case be appealing or claiming against the organizers or their representatives or sponsors or supervisor if they suffer material, physical or moral harm themselves or their escorts or any third party from " cause of their registration or participation in the particular match.

The organizer reserves the right not to allow an athlete to complete the match if there is a relative opinion of the match physician.


All the following violations conclude to an exclusion penalty:

- Do not show or change membership number.

- Accept external assistance.

- Using a motorized accessory.

- Disposal of waste to non eco places

- Obstruction of another athlete or unsportsmanlike behavior.

- Non-compliance with judges' instructions.

- Pride, inappropriate behavior towards the organizing committee, judges, volunteers, etc.

- Not present at a control station.

- Refusal of an examination by an organization's physician if this is deemed necessary at any time during the race.

- Abandonment of the match and failure to inform a judge will result in the penalty of exclusion from any future event.


Appeals for any reason are made only by the athlete himself no later than 30 minutes after his / her end. Any decision of the protest committee is final and does not accept any discussion.


The organizer may change or modify the routes if for any reason there is a risk to the safety of the athletes. It may also delay the start or even cancel or postpone the race due to bad weather or for any other reason.


The organization reserves the right to amend these race regulations without prior notice if this is deemed necessary. Under no circumstances will any change alter the style of the race.


Throughout the race there will be, as much as possible, care and assistance from the organization to anyone who leaves for any reason.


It is advisable for every athlete to:

• Consult a weather report one day before the match to properly prepare his clothing and equipment to choose for the match.

• Study the route maps and especially the altitude profile so that it knows the points with high hills.

• Get to the point of picking up his number, on time.

• Takes care to check the water supply points and to determine if they are enough for them or need to have their own liquids or foodstuffs.

• Has during the race his attention to the marking.

• Turns back as it has come if it loses a point on the route until it finds the point that was on the right track.

• We respect our nature and our teammates:

• We do not throw rubbish in the forest outside the predetermined points of the control stations.

• We do not push our athletes when we are in a tight spot. We just want to make room in a polite way.

• When somebody moves slowly and slows down the athletes who follow him, he must make the fastest ones go aside.

• We help see if someone gets injured or goes wrong.

• We report to the next judge or station we will meet if there is an injury event

• We do not abandon the match without first informing the organizer or the nearest judge in person.

• We do not bother timers asking for results while the race is in progress.

• We do not drive cars during the race and on the race. There are athletes who are still running, and we are deprived of space.

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